Company History

In 1974, Mike Reynolds bought his first truck. He was the sole owner of and only driver for Mike Reynolds Trucking Company. Freight included: chips, bark, logs, lumber, steel…. anything to keep the truck on the road. Soon after Mike Reynolds Trucking was founded, the demand for trucking became greater due to increased lumber production in the area. More trucks were added and the company began to grow.

In 1985, when Mike saw an opportunity in Lumber Remanufacturing, he began to operate Taylor-Made Lumber Company. Many customers bought dimension lumber from larger sawmills but still needed added value milling, precision end trimming, resawing and other services. With Reynolds Trucking and Taylor Made Lumber Company working as one, customers could have their orders picked up, remanufactured and delivered with one phone call.

In 1992, Taylor Made Transportation was formed to oversee the growing Wood Fiber division of Mike Reynolds Trucking. With an increased demand for wood waste boiler fuel and wood chips for the pulp and paper industry, Mike seized another opportunity to grow.

In 2000, Mike Reynolds Trucking, Taylor Made Lumber Company and all other divisions of the company were re-entitled under Taylor-Made Transportation, Inc.

In 2004, Mike Reynolds purchased Reynolds Wood Products, Reynolds Wood Products is a family business founded by the late Millard Reynolds, Mike’s father. Reynolds Wood Products has been in operation as a timber dealer since 1952.

Today, Taylor Made Transportation Inc. employs over 100 people, operates 50 trucks, 126 trailers and chip vans and conducts business daily throughout the United States.